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As a Marketing Partner you will receive an add on the app & website, 2 blog posts a year. Ability to supply the local office with your marketing materials to be delivered throughout the county. The ability to attend events and have a booth. An Add on the HOTdeals 4 Heroes website.

Please click the buy now button and choose which package you would like. After you pay you will be redirected to our form so you can type in your information. Once we receive your companies information we will reach out for your logo or you can send your logo to

How Many Counties

*By clicking the buy now button you are agreeing you understand this is for a 1 year term. You are responsible to supply HOTdeals 4 Heroes your logo, discount information and social media links. You also understand that you are responsible to getting your marketing material to you local HOTdeals office.

For More Information or for assistance email the director at